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The common industry platform for LNG bunkering of ships

The FuelBoss platform facilitates the entire process – from nomination (order) to the time when the bunker delivery note is completed, signed and stored electronically. It enables standardization, improved operational efficiency and industry collaboration, with the intention of making LNG an easy and frictionless choice and of reducing supply chain costs.

FuelBoss offers:

  • From order to BDN 
    This module facilitates the nomination (order) of LNG for term contracts and planning and execution of bunkering operations. The functionality within the module is scalable according to LNG suppliers’ needs and based on the size of their contract portfolio. The module facilitates electronic checklists and Bunker Delivery Notes.
  • Integrated messaging service 
    A chat-like functionality provides streamlined communication tied to specific bunkering operations.
  • Spot inquiries 
    FuelBoss facilitates spot tendering and contracting, leading to planning and execution of bunkering – from order to BDN.
  • AIS-based overview of assets 
    Map-based overview to keep track of LNG-fuelled vessels and LBVs through live and historic AIS feed.
  • Business intelligence 
    An industry-wide market intelligence module combining AIS and BDN data enables schedule optimization, business development and benchmarking.

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