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Ship energy efficiency

Measures for ship design and operation to save costs and meet decarbonization requirements

Sustainable operations through energy efficiency

Reducing energy consumption is essential to meet ambitious emissions reduction targets and remain competitive. At the same time, the energy efficiency measures should fit your business model, be technically feasible and safe.

For owners and operators, the key drivers are regulatory compliance and profitable operations. The technical maturity and savings potential of measures represent investment – and operational risk. In the short-term, saving fuel will have a direct impact on operational costs – and in future, high prices and the shorter range of alternative fuels will favour having implemented energy efficiency measures.

In times of almost unlimited information from different sources, as well as a variety of potential energy efficiency solutions and optimization measures in the market, it is a challenge to evaluate all the options on a consistent scale and to make confident decisions. Implementing energy efficiency measures successfully is not straightforward, as most of them require a change in the awareness and adherence to routines, focusing on optimized operation of the energy consumers, for both management and crew.

With extensive experience in this area, DNV is ready to support you on your way to more energy efficient designs and operations.