Digitalization in the maritime industry

Increasing efficiency in daily operations

As a trusted voice and partner, we assist our customers to adapt to an environment where digitalization and automation are becoming increasingly important. As an independent third party, we help to build trust in data quality so that valuable data can be shared securely and used with confidence by different consumers. At the same time, DNV is itself seizing the opportunities created by digitalization to offer new services and ways of collaborating. These enhance our customers’ experience, improve quality, and reduce costs and impact on operations.

My Services

DNV’s My Services customer portal via Veracity data platform is a single access point for all our digital services and gives you a full overview of your fleet. It is available 24/7 and is the most-used tool among our applications on Veracity.
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DATE − Direct Access to Technical Experts

We have developed DATE to answer customer questions in the most professional and efficient way. Our global team ensures high quality standards, 24/7 availability, and short response times.
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Electronic certificates

DNV was the first class society to implement IMO-compliant electronic class and statutory certificates across its entire fleet. Shipowners, charterers, regulators and crew benefit from less administrative burdens, short processing times, and reduced costs. All certificates are published on your My Services portal immediately after completion of an on-board survey.
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Smart Survey Booking (SSB)

This digitalized survey-booking process helping customers to manage surveys more efficiently. The tool allows you to combine surveys at the most appropriate time and location for each vessel and operational schedule. That saves ship managers’ time and, ultimately, money.
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Remote survey for existing vessels

For DNV-classed vessels, we can conduct selected surveys remotely, allowing for faster and more efficient inspections, and saving travel time and expense. 
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Remote survey for certification of materials and components (CMC)

Many CMC surveys, which are currently performed at our customers’ premises, may be carried out remotely with digital aids. This gives manufacturers greater flexibility when performing inspections and acceptance tests, and saves travel time and cost. Remote surveys can be booked via the portal for certification and verification of components and materials in My Services on Veracity.
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Other smarter survey methods – drone surveys

We now inspect large cargo holds and tanks visually with camera-equipped drones, no longer requiring cost- and time-intensive staging or rafting. Using drones also eliminates safety risks for crew and surveyors.

DNV is further expanding the use of drone surveys.
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IMO DCS and Emissions Insight

DNV has introduced a fully digital approach to IMO DCS verification and beyond. This allows you to upload your raw data whenever it suits you – removing the need for manual data aggregation and submission. With your data uploaded to the platform, Emissions Insights, our unique emissions analysis tool, helps you turn tick-box exercises into valuable business information.

Emissions Insights not only provides real-time insights through powerful data visualization, but also shows the preliminary CII rating of the fleet and vessels for the next three years based on the current data. 

In order to help our customers to effectively meet the SEEMP Part III challenge, we have developed the SEEMP III generator, which is free for our DCS customers.

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Software for smarter vessel operation

DNV supports customers in smarter vessel operations, management, and ship design through a broad suite of software solutions. These address ship and fleet performance, regulatory and environmental compliance, and crew management.
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Machinery Maintenance Connect (MMC)

MC is a dashboard used to carry out the digital machinery planned maintenance survey arrangement. The dashboard displays information about machinery maintenance status for each individual vessel. MMC also allows us to perform MPMS surveys for the entire fleet at once.
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Veracity data platform

DNV’s Veracity industry data platform helps companies improve data quality and manage ownership, security, sharing and use of data. Connections between data owners and users create new opportunities to improve ship performance and safety, thus reducing operational costs. Veracity’s digital applications support customers in areas such as fleet management, newbuild processes, PSC inspections, cyber security preparedness, and regulatory and environmental compliance.
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