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For each ship an EEXI Technical File must be prepared. The EEXI Technical File includes the calculation of the attained EEXI which must be below a required EEXI value.

With implementation of the EEXI, the issuance of a new International Energy Efficiency (IEE) Certificate is required for each ship. This certificate refers to the EEXI Technical File. In the rare cases where the attained EEDI already complies with EEXI requirements, which means for most types of ships that these ships were already built in accordance with EEDI Phase 2 or 3 requirements in the past, no additional EEXI Technical File is needed.

The EEXI Technical File contains general information on the ship, the calculation of the EEXI value attained and required, and copies of the documents from which the values applied for the EEXI calculation are taken. The EEXI Technical File is to be submitted to class for approval. The verification of EEXI compliance takes place during the first annual, intermediate or renewal survey after coming into force of the EEXI requirements.

DNV's maritime advisory offers to issue the EEXI Technical File based on documents submitted. Applied measures to improve the EEXI value to comply with the EEXI required will be described in detail. This service is not restricted to DNV-class vessels only but can also be delivered for non-DNV vessels as well.



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