EEXI – Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index

Digital EEXI tool – EEXI compliance in just a few steps

For all Ship Classification customers, DNV offers a fully digital ‘EEXI tool’, an easy-to-use self-service tool available via the Veracity – Fleet Status customer portal.

How does it work?


Calculating the EEXI

This tool enables all registered clients to review the required EEXI and calculate the attained EEXI of each vessel based on a conservative calculation. To make the calculation process as efficient as possible, the calculator is pre-filled with approved data by DNV. Yet, for full control, ship managers are empowered to review and modify the data in a series of intuitive data fields and to provide supplementary documentation. The EEXI results page will show whether the attained EEXI meets the required EEXI. In case the vessel does not meet the required EEXI the tool will provide the required Engine Power Limitation (EPL) as a possible route to compliance.

Generating the technical file

Once the calculation has been finalized, the tool provides a feature to automatically generate the EEXI technical file based on the data given in the calculator. Aiming to constantly optimize our solutions, since the latest release of the calculator, the file itself can now simply be digitally submitted for approval by one of our DNV experts. Throughout the process, the overview page of the EEXI calculator provides insights into the status of each vessel’s EEXI calculation and approval status. Finally, the approved documents can be downloaded and stored for your records.

The tool provides a feature to automatically generate the EEXI technical file based on the data given in the calculator. The file itself can not only be downloaded for further investigations, it can also be submitted for approval within the tool.

The EEXI tool, including the generation of the technical file, is also available for vessels which are not classed by DNV. Submission for approval, however, has to be done towards the respective class society.

Onboard Management Manual (OMM)

Apart from the calculation of the attained EEXI and generation of the mandatory EEXI technical file, DNV’s digital solution also offers a digital generator of the Onboard Management Manual (OMM), which is mandatory in case your chosen option is an Engine Power Limitation (EPL) or a Shaft Power Limitation (ShaPoLi). The OMM generator can either be accessed through the results page of the EEXI tool or via “Manuals&Plans” in “Fleet Status”.