Next generation container lashing


Today’s container ships are not only increasingly sailing different trade routes, with varying cargo configurations, but also becoming much bigger and with more sophisticated cargo securing techniques applied on board than some years ago. The currently used time-honoured approach to container stowage and lashing calculation cannot sufficiently account for all relevant factors.  

A holistic approach 

DNV, aware of limitations by available lashing calculation methods, initiated a holistic development process to proactively respond to the market demand. DNV is proud to introduce world’s first full three-dimensional calculation method (read more in tab lashing rules) that reveals new possibilities for container stowage optimizations. The updated StowLash3D software  At the same time, DNV provides enhanced Route Specific Container Stowage – the RSCS+ Class Notation. It gives customers more freedom to choose any route that can be now calculated on demand in just seconds. In addition, DNV also introduces a solution for short voyages of up to three days, based on the brand-new weather-dependent lashing approach which helps to avoid costly re-stows at every port of call, when weather conditions allow.

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RSCS+ class notation

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StowLash3D software

The world’s first tool ever which calculates the strength of the container lashing system based on a completely three-dimensional finite element model.



Download our flyer on RSCS+ and the new container lashing rules.