Smart Survey Booking

Making the survey booking process with DNV smart and easy.

Smart Survey Booking (SSB) is an enhanced, digitized survey booking process in which we help our customers to manage their survey requirements more efficiently – with respect to time, scope and cost.

Smart Survey Booking

In the My Fleet application in Veracity, Smart Survey Booking features:

  • Proactive notification of upcoming, cost-effective combinations of surveys
  • Transparency on estimated travel/overtime cost in advance for the given port stays 
  • Minimizing costs with the help of benchmarked port stay options (requires multiple entry of future port calls). Recommendations of ports will be based on estimated travel/overtime cost and possible combination of scope.
  • Better guidance for the preparation of surveys and audits by scope specific survey preparation notes for the crew attached to the survey request. 
DNV customers will find more details like FAQs and a step-by-step guide via the My Fleet application in Veracity and related emails.
  Smart Survey Booking brochure

Smart Survey Booking brochure

Booking surveys with DNV in a smarter way

  Smart Survey Booking presentation

Smart Survey Booking presentation

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