Machinery Maintenance Connect (MMC)

The surveying of machinery takes place for each vessel individually, and information for each is recorded separately. This is not only time-consuming, it also often distracts the chief engineer from performing other essential tasks. With a planned maintenance system for machinery, ship owners can ensure more efficient surveys, also for their entire fleet.

What is MPMS?

MPMS stands for machinery planned maintenance system and is a survey arrangement based on audits of an approved and implemented planned maintenance system on board. It covers all class-relevant component surveys related to machinery and is based on manufacturers’ recommendations for maintenance.

The next level for MPMS: Machinery Maintenance Connect

Machinery Maintenance Connect (MMC) from DNV takes MPMS further. It enables DNV surveyors to audit the whole fleet in one day, instead of vessel by vessel. The machinery maintenance data is sent to DNV and displayed in a dashboard, which the customer also has access to. This data is sent to DNV on a regular basis, where a data quality check is performed.

The data is audited by class once a year. The dashboard replaces the initial and annual MPMS survey on board. The scope remains the same, but DNV uses the dashboard as a tool to effectively survey more than one vessel at once. The visual inspection is then performed at the next annual survey.

General benefits:

  • No class attendance is required during normal maintenance or overhaul
  • No class due date of machinery items other than in the on-board software
  • No 5-yearly opening up of machinery for surveying – only need to follow the manufacturers’ recommendations for maintenance and intervals
  • Planning security with regards to scope and timeline of maintenance work

Machinery Maintenance Connect is available for any customer:

  • For customers with DNV-classed vessels with MPMS
  • For customers with DNV-classed vessels without MPMS
  • For vessel owners with non-DNV-classed vessels

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