Machinery Maintenance Connect (MMC)

Machinery Maintenance Connect for customers with DNV-classed vessels with MPMS

DNV customers who already have an MPMS with us can now go digital – freeing up time on board. It also enables better insights and benchmarking.

After uploading data – minimum one year of maintenance history – according to the template, an annual MPMS survey for all vessels can take place. A trained surveyor comes to the customer’s office or connects via Skype to carry out the survey at one go. The customer gains access to the dashboard when they have started to upload data.

To ensure a smooth workflow, we communicate with the integrated PMS vendor.

Your benefits:

  • Survey of the whole fleet of vessels is performed in one process, saving time and reducing interference for every chief engineer on board each vessel, and reducing coordination work tremendously
  • Survey involves management on customer side, so management gets direct feedback on status and improvement
  • Every vessel is surveyed in the same way – more objective survey and basis for comparisons
  • On vessel level: high-quality feedback for improvement possibilities due to better insight of the machinery maintenance status of each vessel
  • On fleet level: insights on machinery maintenance and benchmarking based on several parameters

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