Emergency Response Service (ERS™)

Vessel ERS™ documentation

Upon completion of enrolment, each vessel is provided with the following documentation:

  • ERS™ Declaration
  • ERS™ Onboard Instructions (manual)
  • ERS™ Data forms (interactive forms for reporting of initial information when activating in emergency or in exercise)
  • ERS™ vinyl sticker with the 24/7 contact details

Digital copies are stored on DNV Veracity portal for the vessel, where they can be accessed at any time. Furthermore for convenience, 2 hard copy ring binders are prepared and sent, one for the vessel, and second for company shore-based office responsible for the emergency response.

Access the ERS™ documentation on Veracity

To access the ERS™ documentation on veracity, the following sequence of steps should be followed:
  • Log on to: Veracity by DNV
  • Go to: My services
  • Go to: Fleet status
  • Go to: Vessel Services. On the dropdown menu select ERS™
When selecting ERS™, all company’s vessels will be listed and the enrolment status will be displayed, i.e. Enrolled for vessels with valid ERS™, or empty filed for vessels not enrolled, or with invalid ERS™. The table with the listed vessels also includes links to the ERS™ Declaration/Statement, Onboard Instruction and Data forms with the date of issuance.