Emergency Response Service (ERS™)

ERS™ drawings requirement

For the enrolment and the service thereafter the following drawings are required and used

Ships and ship shaped offshore units

  1. Lines plan or offset table
  2. General arrangement
  3. Tank and capacity plan
  4. Midship section
  5. Shell expansion plan
  6. Construction profile and decks
  7. Fore end construction / fore peak
  8. Cargo area construction
  9. Engine room construction
  10.   Aft end construction/aft peak
  11.   Final trim and stability booklet
  12.   Loading manual
  13.   Loading computer test loading conditions
  14.   Rudder and rudder stock
  15.   Steering gear
  16.   Emergency towing arrangement/booklet
  17.   Damage control plan/booklet
  18.   Piping Plans of ballast and fuel oil systems
  19.   Docking plan drawing
  20.   Container Stowage Arrangement for container carriers and vessels equipped for carriage of containers 

Semi-submersible offshore units

  1. Lines plan
  2. General arrangement
  3. Tank and capacity plan
  4. Design load plan
  5. Free board plan
  6. Damage control plan
  7. Fire control /safety plan
  8. Watertight integrity plan
  9. Doors and hatches arrangement
  10.   Ventilation arrangement
  11.   Final stability analysis/booklet
  12.   Final/latest operation manual
  13.   Latest light-unit weight data
  14.   Loading computer printout of one (random) loading condition
  15.   Copy of one daily stability report
  16.   Main structure pontoons construction overview
  17.   Main structure pontoons general arrangement
  18.   Main structure pontoons longitudinal sections
  19.   Main Structure Pontoons Transverse Sections and Bulkheads
  20.   Main structure pontoons shell expansion
  21.   Main structure columns construction overview
  22.   Main structure columns general arrangement
  23.   Main structure columns cross sections
  24.   Main structure columns shell expansion
  25.   Main structure columns platforms and bulkheads
  26.   Main structure deck construction overview
  27.   Main structure deck box general arrangement
  28.   Main structure deck box construction
  29.   Main structure bracing local arrangement plan
  30.   Main structure bracing construction
  31.   Mooring arrangement plan
  32.   Mooring system description
  33.   Towing arrangement plan/system
  34.   Ballast system arrangement plan
  35.   Ballast system diagram (P&ID)
  36.   Ballast system operation description
  37.   Ballast system control and monitoring functional description
  38.   Sea water cooling system
  39.   Bilge system outline
  40.   Bilge system operation description
  41.   Draughts and Load Line marks

Jack-Up units and vessels

  1. Lines plan
  2. General arrangement / overall plan
  3. Tank and capacity plan/layout
  4. Design load plan
  5. Free board plan
  6. Fire control /safety plan
  7. Watertight compartmentation
  8. Doors and hatches arrangement
  9. Hull ventilation diagram
  10.   Final (afloat) stability booklet
  11.   Latest lightship weight data
  12.   Loading conditions report
  13.   Marine operation manual
  14.   Legs structure
  15.   Legs arrangement
  16.   Legs spud can arrangement
  17.   Legs spud can structure
  18.   Main hull longitudinal bulkheads
  19.   Main hull transverse bulkheads
  20.   Main hull transverse frames
  21.   Main hull scantling elevation side shell
  22.   Main deck plating
  23.   Bottom plating
  24.   Cantilever arrangement plan
  25.   Cantilever structural drawings
  26.   Deck house arrangement plan
  27.   Deck house construction
  28.   Jacking foundation structural plan
  29.   Jacking foundation arrangement
  30.   Mooring arrangement plan
  31.   Towing arrangement plan
  32.   Ballast system arrangement plan
  33.   Ballast system diagram (P&ID)
  34.   Ballast system operation description
  35.   Sea chest arrangement
  36.   Bilge system outline
  37.   Bilge system operation description
  38.   Hull marking

For special purpose ship types and for vessels with specific designs, additional drawings may be required. Contact us for details.