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Delivering your vision

Realizing your vision at the cutting edge of design and technology

You know that in the cruise sector there’s no room to cut corners. Safety, service, and innovation all have to combine to provide an unmatched experience for your customers. DNV has a legacy providing excellence to our cruise customers – with the vision to innovate.

Responsive processes that bring project teams together are at the heart of collaborating with DNV. We want to make sure you have the tools at hand that can ensure a seamless delivery and safe, efficient, and sustainable operations throughout the lifetime of your vessel. 

Bringing stakeholders together

Making sure that a project is delivered on time means working with many partners, and DNV excels in establishing close cooperations between designers, naval architects, and yards from the start. This means that everyone can get on the same pages early, identifying challenges, setting up efficient processes, and problem-solving, which is especially important for new and unique vessel designs.

Navigating unfamiliar waters

At DNV, we understand how the industry is changing. New stakeholders, regulatory pressures, and calls for transparency mean that we are hitting a decisive decade for the cruise sector, where enhancing sustainability is crucial to staying competitive. And with a raft of new global and regional regulations like the IMO Greenhouse Gas Reduction strategy, EU ETS and EU Fit for 55 package, all starting to overlap – having a partner who can help navigate these waters is essential.

New technology – new fuels 

Whether looking at alternative fuels, implementing hybridization, or extracting every efficiency from your existing or newbuild vessel, DNV is there with the right expert – anywhere you need. We can help you find the solution that best fits your business and leverage our technical insights to implement it cooperatively, safely, and in compliance with the most advanced classification rules in the world. We use the latest in digital tools to make every process, from submitting plans, to reaching out for help, or tracking emissions for regulators, seamless and stress free.

Miami Cruise Center

DNV is the leader in class for cruise. We have a dedicated team in Miami, with a global network, who has supported our customers to bring vessels large and small to market, including the world’s largest and most advanced vessels ever seen.  

Reach out to experts and a dedicated Director for the Cruise Segment to make sure that for Cruise – Your vision is delivered.

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