Smart grid application assessment in Jordan

Assessing the current state, identifying the current vision and useful applicable smarter technologies.

National Electric Power Company (NEPCO Jordan) Jordan

Carry out an assessment of smart grid application to the Jordan transmission grid. This assessment was a project funded by the World Bank with the beneficiary being NEPCO, the Jordan transmission grid operator.

The project consisted of assessing the technical and operational current state, identifying the current vision and enhancing the vision, identifying useful smarter technologies that would be applicable in the Jordan situation, performing a high level cost benefit analysis of 2 possible scenarios and sketch the road map to identify next steps.

Additionally, a list was created with cutting edge technologies that have been applied and are in operation, to potentially serve as a tour guide.

DNV is a world-wide recognized thought leader on smart grid. Our knowledgeable staff, both technical and economical, has been engaged to deliver the project.

DNV delivered an assessment of the current state and a strategy to incorporate new, smarter techno- logies into the current transmission grid without harming the current integrity of the grid. Based on the proven technology available – all of which have been described – and two scenarios of moving forward, both a high level cost benefit and a road map identifying next steps have been developed.

The road map did not only focus on the application of smarter technologies at transmission grid level, but also at distribution grid level, since the developments and enhancements in both grids are strongly tied. All of the results of this project have been collected in a comprehensive report.