Maritime Decarbonization and Smart Shipping Centre of Excellence

The shipping industry is increasingly required to navigate complex regulatory requirements in today’s dynamic maritime landscape. As a trusted assurance provider, we partner with clients to develop various decarbonization solutions that maximize operational efficiency and align with their decarbonization goals.

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Based in Singapore, DNV’s Maritime Decarbonization and Smart Shipping Centre of Excellence (CoE) was set-up in 2021 to advance maritime digitalization, decarbonization and smart shipping capabilities in the region.

From bespoke decarbonization plans and pioneering feasibility studies to complex projects on alternative fuels, the COE's vast capabilities are geared towards propelling the maritime industry towards the goals of IMO 2050.

Operating from strategic hubs across the region, the COE has worked with various regulatory authorities and stakeholders on establishing new maritime processes, standards and frameworks; and is actively studying new fuel technologies to support the maritime industry’s decarbonization efforts.

Meet the team

Dr Shahrin Osman

Director, Maritime Decarbonization and Smart Shipping Centre of Excellence (Singapore/Asia Pacific), Maritime Advisory

With over 30 years of global expertise, Shahrin leads DNV Maritime’s consulting, R&D, and innovation in decarbonization and digitalization. An advisor in governmental-industry-academic committees, he supervises maritime decarbonization projects in Asia Pacific, and supports industry transformation initiatives in Singapore's maritime sector.

Capt. Satinder Virdi

Principal Consultant, Head of Research and Development, Maritime Advisory (South East Asia, Pacific & India)

With over 30 years in maritime, Satinder drives low carbon fuel regulations and LNG workforce solutions at DNV. Leading decarbonization efforts, he shapes competency development, contributes to Singaporean standards, and engages in global projects. Satinder has been published extensively in technical journals and presented at various industry conferences.

Jonathan Abrahams

Head of Maritime Advisory (ANZ)

Jonathan advises on energy efficiency and environmental compliance. A vocal ESG and sustainability advocate, he addresses conferences on maritime sustainability and alternative fuels. Jonathan collaborates across maritime supply chains on decarbonization strategies, including sustainable finance, to minimize environmental and societal impacts.

Ajay Kumar Singh

Head of Maritime Advisory (India)

Ajay is a seasoned consultant in alternative fuels and ship technology. His expertise includes feasibility studies, technical consultancy, and environmental compliance projects across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Indonesia, and Australia. A respected speaker, Ajay shares knowledge through webinars in educational institutions.

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