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Alternative Fuels for Containerships: Methanol and LNG

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The pressure on the maritime industry to decarbonize is intensifying. Fuel choice will be the most significant factor, and many potential alternative options are emerging. But in the container sector, what are the best options and how can these be implemented practically and economically?

In our updated "Alternative Fuels for Containerships" paper series, DNV examines the different alternative fuel options and provides an overview of the most important technical and commercial considerations for the container sector.

This second edition explores methanol as an option to reduce GHG emissions significantly starting today. Besides a regulatory update and some adjustments of the already existing chapter on LNG, this revised informative paper introduces the required knowledge and gives an overview of the most important aspects related to methanol as fuel.

Amongst others, this paper looks at the following aspects:

  • Handling of methanol compared to other fuel types
  • Safe and efficient bunkering
  • Ship design and certification process implications
  • Ship fuel technology

This new chapter on methanol serves as the foundation of a practical case study which we are currently working on with one of our clients. The results of the study will be published as the next edition of this paper series, expected towards the end of 2022.

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