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Handbook for Hydrogen-fuelled Vessels

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Green hydrogen could play a crucial role in the maritime industry’s journey towards decarbonization. Produced through electrolysis, hydrogen is emission free and could be widely available across the globe in future – as a marine fuel or a key enabler for synthetic fuels. Many in shipping recognize hydrogen’s potential as a fuel, but the barriers to realizing this potential are substantial. 

The 1st Edition of the ‘Handbook for Hydrogen-fuelled Vessels’ offers a road map towards safe hydrogen operations using fuel cells. It details how to navigate the complex requirements for design and construction, and it covers the most important aspects of hydrogen operations, such as safety and risk mitigation, engineering details for hydrogen systems and implementation phases for maritime applications, based on the current regulatory Alternative Design process framework. 

This publication is the result of the 1st phase of the DNV-led Joint Industry Project MarHySafe, which has brought together a consortium of 26 leading company and associations. The project is ongoing, and this publication will be continually updated to reflect the latest industry expertise on hydrogen as ship fuel.

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