Offshore Service Vessels (OSVs)

Promoting safety, reliability and risk reduction for demanding operations

Full spectrum services for highly specialized ships

OSV are specially designed for logistical servicing of offshore platforms and subsea installations, from installation throughout the entire service life of offshore fields. OSVs include platform supply vessels (PSV) and specialized vessels built for towing and anchor-handling operations, as well as rescue and standby services. 

OSVs not only transport supplies and equipment to and from offshore structures, but also have to accommodate crew for extended periods and handle extreme sea conditions. Partly hazardous cargoes pose further challenges. OSV owners and operators also have to match the industry’s strong emphasis on safety, zero tolerance for major accidents and high focus on cost efficiency and risk reduction. DNV helps to successfully manage these conflicting objectives.

Decades of sector experience and collaboration

During design, construction and operation customers require rapid response and support from a highly competent partner. DNV works with leading companies in the sector to continuously develop OSV standards and best practices for promoting safety, energy efficiency and environmental performance.

Our OSV services range from feasibility studies in the vessel pre-design stage and classification pre-checks to class rules formulating requirements for hull strength, systems and equipment, safety and availability, and stability; an comprehensive set of class notations describing vessel capabilities and functions, dynamic positioning (DP) systems and assessment/improvement of reliability of key systems; hull optimization to reduce emissions and lower fuel consumption; and noise and vibration solutions ensuring crew comfort.

Future-proofing solutions

We are also helping to make the sector more sustainable and can advise on optimal solutions for hybrid propulsion, alternative fuels like LNG, energy efficiency, remote surveys, lightweight structures and materials, digital solutions, remote operations and cyber security. Services that go beyond classification mainly include access to industry-leading expertise in offshore oil and gas operations, offshore wind, power systems and advanced engineering.

Total cost of operation

The OSV segment is characterized by intense competition for new contracts leading to often extreme price pressure for owners and operators. DNV can provide fleet benchmarking against industry best practices, and make suggestions for improving efficiency, maintenance management and docking risk management.

Compliance and mobilization

While regulatory regimes differ between geographical regions and are continually changing, OSV operators also have to constantly prepare and adapt their assets to meet contractual requirements of new and future charters. Understanding these parameters as well as the condition of their ships is essential. DNV supports industry players across the whole value chain in condition monitoring, technical feasibility studies, measurements, analysis and documentation during conversions and changes to onboard equipment to ensure compliance.

We have also invested heavily in R&D, Joint Industry Projects (JIPs), rule and regulations development and service development to ensure safe operations in a cost-efficient manner.

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