DNV Energy Validation Improvements Increase Accuracy for Solar Energy Assessments

Watch the recorded webinar of May, 18 2023.

Accurate energy production estimates are central to the efficient financing and long-term viability of solar energy projects. With the advent of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), solar photovoltaic projects now have the option to use Production Tax Credits (PTCs) along with Investment Tax Credits (ITCs) as a method of financing. This further emphasizes the importance of validated energy assessments.

DNV continues to invest in validating its own pre-construction solar energy assessments against actual operating data in a process of continuous improvement and accountability. And recently, our solar experts have finalized a third update to DNV’s Solar Energy Validation.

In our webinar, presenters looked at over a dozen projects across the U.S. to show how using the SolarFarmer energy assessment tool used in DNV’s bankable solar energy assessment process is within 0.1% of actual production output. DNV's Warwick Elkins also demonstrated DNV's SolarFarmer tool, an independently validated solar energy design and analytics software platform.

Featured Speakers:

  • Gwendalyn Bender, Technical Sales, Solar+Storage
  • Madison Ghiz, Solar Energy Analyst
  • Warwick Elkins, Pre-Sales Manager, SolarFarmer

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