Class transfer service to DNV

We are your reliable partner for improved operations, and make transferring class to meet your goals easy and as fast as possible.

Do you want to change to a class that provides the highest level of support and expert advice worldwide – regardless of where you are? Do you also want the process of changing class to be as easy and smooth as possible?

Why not consider changing class to DNV, the world’s leading classification society? Class transfer to DNV is usually a quick and easy process and can be a very smart move towards safer and more efficient vessel operation.

With our global presence, experienced surveyors and engineers, dedication to quality and passion for innovation, we look forward to adding value to your operations.

Enjoy a hassle-free transfer of class to DNV that is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Contact your nearest DNV office for an initial meeting on transferring class.
  2. The class transfer process is coordinated by a dedicated project team.
  3. Full-term certificates may be issued at the survey and delivered on board.

Transfer of class always involves some documentation that needs reviewing and archiving. Certificates, drawings and plans have to fulfil quality standards defined by IACS class societies. We take care of this entire documentation process and guarantee that it runs smoothly.

Why you should transfer class to DNV:

  • More efficient ship operations and all class-related transactions and procedures
  • Optimised vessel lifetime costs and support in reaching your economic and environmental targets
  • The best support for you today and in a turbulent future on the market
  • 24/7 support from more than 300 offices in 100 countries
  • Authorised by more than 130 flag states to issue statutory certificates
  • Good Port State Control record to reduce the risk of detentions
  • Added value from our wide knowledge base, including experts from the maritime, oil & gas, energy, business assurance and software, for improved quality and operational efficiency
  • DNV Academy: one of the broadest maritime training portfolios in the industry

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Rules and standards

Access essential documents developed by our experts


Vessel register for DNV

The register contains all vessels serviced by DNV which have notations “1A1” for former DNV vessels and “100 A5” for former GL vessels.


Easy transfer of class

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