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Machinery Maintenance Connect (MMC)

Get digital machinery maintenance surveys for your DNV-classed fleet, and access maintenance benchmarks for your whole fleet.

Today, machinery maintenance surveys are performed per vessel, and information is recorded separately for each. This takes time and causes potentially high costs. The chief engineer is often kept busy in port as well.

Machinery Maintenance Connect (MMC) from DNV is part of a machinery planned maintenance system (MPMS) survey arrangement. This arrangement is based on audits of an approved and implemented planned maintenance system on board which covers all class-relevant component surveys related to machinery.

Machinery Maintenance Connect features a dashboard which displays information about the machinery maintenance status for each individual vessel. It allows DNV to perform the MPMS survey for the entire fleet at once. At the same time, with MMC, the vessel owner can follow up on the progress of on-board maintenance.

Data integration into Machinery Maintenance Connect is easy, as the major PMS software providers already have full integration with this application. It is also possible to get the dashboard into your PMS software.

Machinery Maintenance Connect is available for any customer:

  • For customers with DNV-classed vessels with an MPMS survey arrangement
  • For customers with DNV-classed vessels without MPMS
  • For customers with non-DNV-classed vessels

For more information, please visit the Machinery Maintenance Connect insight page

Profit from time-saving and easier digital machinery surveys with Machinery Maintenance Connect (MMC):

  • Survey your whole fleet at the same time
  • Save time and money on your surveys
  • Eliminate interruptions of the chief engineer during the port stay
  • Access the dashboard to monitor your maintenance performance of individual vessels and for the whole fleet

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