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Maritime digital transformation strategy

We assist maritime companies in creating digital transformation roadmaps to ease the creation and implementation of their digital strategy.

The digital transformation is needed to lower costs and improve efficiency and safety. Realizing the full potential of digital transformation and coordinating the different ongoing digitalization initiatives in the organization is challenging. 

With expert guidance and tailored solutions, we empower our clients to embrace the opportunities and tackle the challenges presented by the rapidly changing digital landscape. 

The experts at DNV leverage a self-developed methodology to create a Digital Transformation Strategy Roadmap for our customers. We help you navigate your digital transformation journey by creating comprehensive roadmaps for the implementation of your digital strategy. 

Our process of creating a digital roadmap from DNV consists of four steps:

  1. Digital maturity assessment: review of the company’s digitalization status and streamlining of existing business processes  
  2. Establishing strategic goals and a vision: the creation of a common understanding of data-driven ship management
  3. Performing a GAP analysis: between the current status and vision and goals to identify digital transformation opportunities (use cases) based on digitalization, centralization, smart vessels, and connectivity; covering energy efficiency, performance management, safety management, smart maintenance, remote operations, autonomous operations, shore control center, IT platform, etc. 
  4. Creation of a transformation roadmap: based on identified and prioritized digital transformation opportunities

Backed by experience in entrepreneurial and change management, DNV Maritime Advisory can support you in developing, building, piloting and implementing solutions once your digitalization roadmap has been established.

Implement your maritime digital transformation strategy with the help of DNV: 

  • Reduce costs (OPEX and VOYEX) thanks to crew reduction, condition-based and predictive maintenance, better timing of dockings, spares, fuel consumption reduction, etc.
  • Gain efficiency and improve collaboration with data-driven business processes
  • Enhance safety due to transparency of information, availability of real-time data, online vessel and equipment condition monitoring, and improved risk management 
  • Improve decision-making based on real-time data
  • Improve technical management performance with the use of best practice business processes supported by relevant business software, plus the training of crew and shore employees 
  • Efficient decarbonization and GHG compliance – online emission monitoring, improved energy efficiency resulting in reduced fuel consumption

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  Benefit cases

Benefit cases

Download data driven ship management benefit cases

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