Risk evaluation of systems and tanks for alternative fuels

With increasingly stringent requirements for GHG emissions new alternative fuels are becoming more relevant. We help you to evaluate the safety and risks of your system design for alternative fuels such as LNG and LPG.

To evaluate your system design for LNG, LPG or other alternative fuels a risk assessment is necessary to identify potential risk and mitigating measures.

The scope of our services for evaluation of alternative fuel system designs may include:

  • A concept hazard identification (HAZID) of the intended integration of the gas system – identifying potential show stoppers or required design modifications at an early design stage
  • An FMEA based on the detailed design, taking into account external influences of the port’s operation on the operation and bunkering of the gas-fuelled vessel
  • Risk quantification to verify that the risk level of your new design is similar to a conventionally fuelled ship

Backed by our extensive experience with different types of gas cargo vessels and LNG fuelled ships, we provide support and recommendations on how to make your system design safe and reliable for alternative fuels.

Keep your operations running with our support:

  • Identify potential hazards at an early design stage during the HAZID
  • Verification of safety via risk analysis, as required by flag state authorities
  • Gain proof of compliance with international regulations to reduce detention times