Solar due diligence

Solar due diligence from DNV assesses the technical risks of a renewable energy project, ensuring an independent evaluation for developers, owners, investors and other parties to rely upon.

Financial institutions intending to invest in or acquire a solar energy project frequently require an independent third party to conduct a technical due diligence assessment of the project, to identify any potential risks. To ensure a successful transaction, the project and financial institutions need detailed expertise from independent engineers experienced in solar energy, across the globe. 

Solar due diligence supports the investment process
Our solar due diligence services ensure all critical technical project expectations are independently evaluated and any potential issues, and associated mitigation measures, are identified. Our services are tailored to any solar energy project. Solar due diligence supports the investment or acquisition process, through an independent evaluation that all interested parties can rely upon.

Technical assessment
Our review targets the technical aspects of a project including, energy production estimates, equipment and technology, associated civil and electrical designs, contracting arrangements, project schedules and budgets, environmental permitting, as well as future operating and maintenance costs. The review can also include project site visits, equipment manufacturer audits, detailed equipment inspections, construction monitoring, and completion verification. By considering all the technical information, we can present a set of conclusions and recommendations which are relevant and appropriate for the project and the parties involved.

30 years experience around the world
Our reputation for quality and reliability is matched only by our experience. Working closely with each customer, DNV has been delivering solar due diligence services for nearly 30 years. With extensive know-how behind them, our professionals provide a solid basis for informing intelligent decisions, regardless of the project or investment scale, the lifecycle stage, or the region of the world.

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