MRV – Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (EU and UK)

EU MRV for ships larger than 400 GT

The overall purpose of EU MRV emissions collection and reporting is to
assess the environmental impact of maritime transport and to serve as the
basis for carbon tax determination through the EU ETS and Fuel EU
Maritime regulations. The EU MRV is applicable for ships above 5000 GT
on EU-related voyages.

Then, from 1 January 2025, the amended EU MRV regulations will also
apply to general cargo ships between 400 and 5000 gross tonnage (GT)
and offshore ships of 400 GT and above:


Learn more in our news EU MRV extended to ships from 400 GT - start preparing now.

EU MRV requirements

Monitoring plan (MP)

In accordance with the EU MRV regulation, a vessel’s Monitoring Plan (MP) must be verified by an independent and accredited verifier, such as DNV. The content of the MP is predefined by the EU MRV regulation and includes a description of the method chosen to monitor and report emissions. An MP template is freely available for DNV’s MRV customers (and IMO DCS) and can be generated from the “Manuals and Plans” service on the MyServices portal on Veracity.

Emissions Report

The Emissions Report contains information about the amount of consumed fuel and the distance travelled, as well as the cargo carried on voyages to, between and from EU ports. With the MP, DNV has established a form for the digital reporting of bunkering and voyage data. For more information, please see our FAQs page. The DNV reporting requirements cover the EU MRV, UK MRV and IMO DCS.

Document of Compliance (DoC)

Upon submission of the aggregated Emissions Report, the DNV experts verify it against your voyage log abstract data, bunkering data and external data. The verified Emissions Report for a year must be submitted by the shipping company to the European Commission by 30 March the following year. By 30 June, the DoC on the Emissions Report must be downloaded by the shipping company from EU’s THETIS-MRV and carried on board.

A simplified annual cycle for the EU MRV is illustrated below:



The UK MRV is applicable for vessels above 5000 GT and is analogous to the EU MRV, however with some differences (see the UK legislation page). For vessels calling at UK ports, a UK MRV MP must be verified according to the UK MRV regulation. Monitoring Plans for the EU MRV created using our online form are also treated as a UK MRV MP. DNV is recognized as an accredited verifier for the UK MRV regulations.

Why DNV as your verifier for the EU and UK MRV?

DNV is an accredited body for the EU MRV verification services as per EU Regulation 2015/757 and amending Regulation (EU)2023/957, and the EU MRV verification is provided to you by DNV, with:

  • Comprehensive DNV experience gained from verification of MRV reports since 2018
  • Digital reporting and verification
  • An established reporting format covering the reporting requirements from all relevant regulations, currently the IMO DCS and EU/UK MRV
  • Operational Vessel Data (OVD), which can be used for other decarbonization requirements (e.g. EU ETS)
  • Real-time data transmission (API) from all major reporting system providers


Our comprehensive FAQs provide you with answers to most questions on the EU MRV and the UK MRV. DNV customers can also use our DATE service for questions on the EU/UK MRV.

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DNV Group company DNV GL SE is the accredited body for EU MRV verification services as per EU Reg. 2015/757. Consequently, the EU MRV verifications and the issuance of EU MRV compliance documents will be provided by DNV GL SE as accredited body. The respective verification decisions are at the discretion of the DNV GL SE. 

Fleet Portal related services such as Emissions Insights, data checks, plan generators and report generation as well as the IMO DCS verifications are provided by DNV group company DNV AS.