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Tackle the challenges of maritime decarbonization and sustainability with Maritime Advisory

As a stakeholder in the maritime industry, you are facing increasing demands for transparency, reporting and improvement of your sustainability performance. Businesses are required to set realistic decarbonization and sustainability goals, implement cost-efficient measures and manage business risk.

Get a better understanding of decarbonization and sustainability in the context of the global maritime industry and cutting-edge technology. From streamlining operations and reducing emissions to developing and implementing new technologies, let DNV Maritime Advisory assist you with: 

  • Decarbonization strategies and plans – future compliance
  • Optimization of energy efficiency 
  • Emissions modelling, status, monitoring and footprint 
  • Alternative fuel modelling and selection
  • Emission reduction measures – modelling and verification
  • Qualification and verification of new decarbonization technologies
  • Cost–benefit assessment
  • ESG, green loans and finance
  • Feasibility of green corridors 

Maritime companies trust our services and tools to stay ahead in technology and industry insight. Read more about what these are below – or get in touch for a personal talk. 

Services for cargo owners using shipping as part of their value chain

With ship operations an essential part of your value chain, it is essential to understand how this impact your ESG risks. We help you as a cargo owner to map your shipping logistics, exercise appropriate due diligence, identify improvement areas and establish strategies together with your shipping counterparts to reduce ESG risks including GHG emissions, workers’ rights, and ethical practices.

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