Decarbonization roadmaps: Becoming a net zero organization

Professional independent expertise helps stakeholders to define targets, establish decarbonization roadmaps, and create implementation and investment plans.

Why do you need to start now?
Reducing emissions and achieving net zero will become a minimum standard which businesses have to demonstrate to operate in many markets, particularly within the European Union (EU). Therefore, setting and meeting realistic targets, while achieving sustainable growth and real competitive advantage through in-depth analysis and strategic planning, will be key to business success. Some critical considerations include:

  • Will the upcoming policy framework at national or EU level impact your business? Are you prepared?
  • Do you know what are the realistic options to achieve your targets?
  • What should be your priorities in terms of resources and timing? Do you know where to start?

What is net zero?
Net zero means that the overall climate impact of emissions from a company, city or nation is null by 2050.

Achieving net zero emission means reducing avoidable emissions as far as possible and then balancing unavoidable emissions with projects that ‘offset’ an equivalent amount of CO2e.

Businesses can decide to take different approaches based on their ambitions and current situation. Whether Scope 1, 2 or the extra challenging Scope 3, your result will be an integrated carbon accounting methodology to support decision making across business strategy, based on exhaustive emissions and scopes definitions.

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The importance of a net zero strategy
Public opinion about the impact of climate change, the need to decarbonize industries and develop greener economies has grown worldwide, and the business world is expected to react.

Building on the Paris Agreement, in November 2019 the European Parliament declared a climate emergency and many governments around the world have followed. Climate change is recognized as one of the most threatening global problems and will likely  cost trillions of dollars and impact much of the world’s population.

The EU Green Deal was presented in December 2019 and its core concept is to make Europe climate-neutral by 2050. This will be accomplished by setting and achieving clear overarching targets:

  • Net zero carbon emissions by 2050
  • 50% to 55% cut in emissions by 2030 (compared with 1990 levels)

The new European Climate Law is the regulation implementing the EU Green Deal and sets out a binding objective of climate neutrality in the Union by 2050. All Member States are working on climate neutrality plans and specific measures will be developed and implemented in the coming months and years. 

Organizations of all types and sizes are increasingly making commitments to achieving a net zero future to respond to the climate emergency. Leaders who act today are the winners of tomorrow.

What’s the net zero deadline for your organization?
Planning is key. The transition will not happen in a couple of days and will be a continuous improvement process.

DNV is supporting multinationals around the world to define realistic targets, to establish decarbonization roadmaps, to develop and deploy implementation and investment plans. We are an independent expert that can empower you and your organization with data analytics and reliable insights, so critical decisions can be made with confidence.

As a trusted voice, we can guide you through the full journey and challenges of developing a net zero strategy, selecting the appropriate technical solutions to achieve a net zero outcome.

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Do you want to become net zero?
We’ll talk you through the steps to become a net zero organization and we will work with you to develop a strategy and action plans that meets your specific goals and ambitions. We will help you to identify actions to take and support you through to the implementation plan.

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