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EEXI advisory services

DNV's maritime advisory service portfolio supports you at each step of the Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) process to meet the compliance requirements set by MEPC 75 in 2023.

During MEPC 75 in November 2020, the IMO approved amendments to MARPOL Annex VI, introducing an Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI). Subject to adoption at MEPC 76 in June 2021, the requirements will enter into force in 2023. The EEXI will be applicable to all vessels above 400 GT and falling under MARPOL Annex VI. Guidelines on calculations, surveys and verification of the EEXI will follow and be finalized at MEPC 76.

Nevertheless, as the EEXI is the extension for existing ships of the newbuilding-related EEDI, most procedures will be the same as for the EEDI, with some adaptions regarding limited access to design data. Already today, DNV Maritime Advisory offers EEXI-related services based on IMO submissions which serve as the basis for the future calculation guideline.

As a ship owner, you will profit from profound knowledge of EEDI sea trials, EEDI model test verification, engine power limitation, and hydrodynamic and vibration studies. This is the way to compliance in 2023, with complete support from DNV's maritime advisory. 

Leverage our services for the Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI):

EEXI consultancy

Get insights into your vessel-specific EEXI thanks to different assessment approaches.

Improvement of the attained EEXI

Vessel owners will have several improvement solution options to choose from. Only with the most efficient installation will compliance be guaranteed.

Energy efficiency technologies

Let our tailor-made ship-specific analyses and assessments of various energy efficiency technologies help you improve your ship’s design and gain a better EEXI.

EEXI reference speed

Improve your ship’s EEXI by determining the reference speed from model tests or, for evaluation purposes, from numerical simulations.

EEXI Technical File

An EEXI Technical File must be prepared for each ship. It includes the calculation of the attained EEXI, which must be below a required EEXI value.

Preliminary EEXI Technical File

DNV's maritime advisory offers a preliminary EEXI Technical File before 2023 for all DNV-class vessels.

EEXI Statement of Compliance 

For ships already achieving GHG goals, the attained EEXI value is certified and an EEXI Statement of Compliance is issued.

EEXI Vibration Pre-Check as a supportive service

Within the EEXI Vibration Pre-Check, we assess the risk of excessive vibrations resulting from power limitation solutions such as fuel index limiters or deactivation of one or more cylinders. 

Benefit from our comprehensive services aimed to support you with the EEXI:

  • Calculation, verification or benchmarking of your vessel or fleet according to the latest IMO requirements
  • Profound knowledge about hydrodynamics and machinery to get the best improvement solution
  • High-quality EEXI documentation to ensure your compliance in 2023
  • Solutions to avoid vibration issues before engine power limitation
  • The best expertise on CFD calculations for a precise

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