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Emissions and energy efficiency of ship machinery

We support you in selecting futureproof and economically feasible machinery, incl. fuel-saving and energy-efficient technology.

A combination of stricter emission regulations and new technologies is increasing the complexity of machinery and fuel selection. Reducing emissions, staying compliant and improving energy efficiency are key challenges.

DNV – Maritime Advisory can assist you in determining concept feasibility or optimization measures for your newbuild or retrofit, tailored to your operation. Aiming to reduce emissions, fuel consumption and operational cost, our machinery system experts can evaluate the relevant options.

Alternative fuels and other energy efficiency measures

A number of in-house tools and methodologies are used to evaluate and quantify the performance of both known and novel technology for machinery systems. These include alternative fuels, such as ammonia, hydrogen, methanol and batteries. Additionally, efficiency-improving technologies like fuel cells, waste heat recovery, shaft generators, propeller efficiency and other remedies can be included.

Potential solutions are identified and compared, giving insights into factors such as emissions, fuel consumption and flexibility, investment and operational costs, manoeuvrability and second-hand value.

In addition, we provide reliable calculations of efficiency indexes such as AER, CII and EEDI/EEXI.

Benefits of comprehensive energy efficiency services from DNV – Maritime Advisory:

  • Get a competitive advantage and achieve decarbonization targets by reducing fuel consumption and emissions with an optimized machinery solution
  • Rely on expert assistance in designing a future-ready and competitive machinery system, utilizing simulation tools and other state-of-the-art techniques
  • Improve the utilizaton of machinery systems for your operational profile
  • Gain techno-economic feasibility studies of different machinery systems or fuels which minimize life-cycle costs
  • Quantify possibilities and limitations of different solutions
  • Reduce operational costs with energy-efficient machinery
  Benefit cases on emissions and energy efficiency of ship machinery

Benefit cases on emissions and energy efficiency of ship machinery

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