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EEXI – Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index

EEXI overview and implementation

The Energy Efficiency eXisting ship Index (EEXI) is a measure introduced by the IMO to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of ships. The EEXI is a measure related to the technical design of a ship. Ships have to attain EEXI approval once in a lifetime, by the first periodical survey in 2023 at the latest.

The required EEXI value is determined by the ship type, the ship’s capacity and principle of propulsion and is the maximum acceptable attained EEXI value. 

The attained EEXI must be calculated for the individual ship, which falls under the regulation.

Considering the different scenarios, it is important that you check the applicable scenario for your individual ship.

In DNV’s Compliance Planner, you find the complete list of your vessels and their individual status in connection with the EEXI.

EEXI process and timeline

Complying with the EEXI doesn’t have to be hard work. To ensure an approach which is tailored to meet your needs, DNV has created two potential solutions: a digital self-service tool and the interactive, expert-led route. More information on the solutions are presented under the additional tabs within this website.


Statutory compliance

With DNV’s digital self-service tool, which can be accessed via the “Vessel Services” tab in “Fleet Status”, you will be able to:

  • calculate the EEXI value,
  • compare the required and attained EEXI values,
  • generate the EEXI technical file and
  • submit the technical file and OMM for approval.

Class compliance

Depending on the technical solution, if changes are performed in the vessel's structure or on any important components or systems on board, documentation shall be submitted for approval. This can be done through the alteration portal. 

After approval of the documentation and installation/changes on board, a survey can be booked, and the changes will be verified by a surveyor.

Final implementation

Verification that the ship's attained EEXI and technical file is in accordance with the requirements shall take place at the first annual, intermediate or renewal survey after 1st January 2023. The survey is part of the scope of the IAPP survey, and compliance is documented by issuance of the IEE certificate.

Early compliance

In case you are interested in showing early compliance, a voluntary statement can be issued. More information on voluntary statements can be found here.

Technical advisory

For complex cases, or for applications which currently are not supported by the tool (e.g. Cruise Passenger Ships or LNG carriers with boil-off gas used for propulsion), or should you prefer a personal consultation on the ideal approach to EEXI for your fleet and holistic optimization, our Advisory team is always available to help.

Click on the tabs above to find out if our digital self-service tool or our Advisory service with extensive input from our experts is the right path for you. Act now to stay ahead of the regulatory curve.


EEXI Digital Self-Service

Learn more about our EEXI calculator


EEXI Advisory Services

Learn more about our interactive, expert-led route

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