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Get insights of your vessel specific EEXI due to different assessment approaches.

An early calculation of the attained EEXI is recommended, as these values serve as the basis for decisions to be made within the next months until 2023. DNV's maritime advisory offers guidance on this topic, which takes the following approach:

  • Assessment of options for each individual ship to comply with EEXI requirements
  • Rating of complete fleet
  • Comparison of different solutions regarding required improvement and investments, future operation and planned service life
  • Assessment of alternatives for fleet development

Transparent reporting and clear presentation of results allow for early and suitable decisions to be taken in order to comply with the EEXI requirements and prevent excessive investments.

Depending on the ship type investigated, the rating can be based on the EEXI value, on the deviation between the attained and required EEXI value, on the level of the required engine power limitation or even on the corresponding speed loss. Additionally, characteristics such as the age of the ship can be included in the rating.

The results of such an investigation can be presented in a table and with plots to give a better overview. It allows a direct comparison between ships of the same ship type within a fleet.


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