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FuelEU Maritime

How DNV can help you comply with FuelEU Maritime regulations 

FuelEU Monitoring Plan Online Form

Since May 2024, DNV's online FuelEU monitoring plan form is available to all companies. This form is specifically designed to enable shipowners to complete the first steps towards FuelEU Maritime compliance, namely the FuelEU Monitoring Plan.

With an intuitive and modern user interface, this easy-to-navigate platform includes features that ensure all information required for FuelEU Maritime compliance is fully entered.

For customers with large fleets, the copy function of the online “FuelEU Monitoring Plan” form allows the creation of a “mother plan” that can be copied for the rest of the fleet if necessary, saving time and resources.

The FuelEU monitoring plan online form offers the following advantages:

  • Follows the EU template: The form is designed according to the EU guidelines.
  • Can be synchronized with approved MRV monitoring plan: The form can be synchronized with an already approved MRV monitoring plan.
  • Pre-filled options and tables: The form includes pre-filled options and tables to simplify the process.
  • All steps of plan creation explained: The form contains detailed explanations of each step of plan creation.
  • Copy function: The form allows the creation of a “mother plan” that can be copied for the rest of the fleet.
  • Automatic validation rules: The form has built-in validation rules that automatically check the entered data for errors.

This comprehensive online form is designed to make the process of FuelEU Maritime compliance as simple as possible.

Verification of FuelEU Emissions Report

DNV is an accredited verifier for FuelEU Maritime and from 2026 will offer Verification of FuelEU Emissions Report to MRV customers only. Our fully digital service has an integrated interface which enables clients to prepare one report for compliance with two regulations (MRV and FuelEU Maritime).

Data can be uploaded daily via the API transfer through Veracity Integrated Partners. While DNV will verify the accuracy of each vessel’s data for the full year, users can also avail of a pre-verification data quality check which help them to spot any missing data or mistakes.

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