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Working closely with ship owners and managers, as well as cargo owners, charterers and yards to find practical solutions to the specific challenges at hand.

Ensuring best practice

We fully understand the importance of cost-efficient and compliant operation. Consequently, we are continuously developing tanker rules, tools and services to support best practice in this key shipping segment.

Quick troubleshooting

Our tanker team works hard to support owners and operators to keep the ships running in the event of an incident. Skilled professionals from DATE (Direct Access to Technical Experts) and our Emergency Response Service hubs can provide timely advice to ensure minimal downtime. They also offer all the necessary support regarding questions or findings following third-party inspections by, for example, Port State Control (PSC) or vetting.

Focus on compliance

Given a constantly changing and stricter regulatory regime, it can often be challenging to plan what action to take – and when to take it – to ensure your ticket to trade. Our regulatory experts have the full overview of regulatory developments across all relevant rule-making bodies. We understand in depth how these will influence your fleet and can guide you through the entire process of staying compliant, including any necessary modifications or conversions.

Environmental performance

The biggest headache most tanker owners face today is to prepare the strategy to future-proof both new-builds and the existing fleet. DNV, with our world-leading experts, are ready to support you throughout the decision-making process, including which fuels and emissions-reduction technologies to implement. We provide trusted support in all such decision-making, to ensure you choose the optimal solution for your trade and operations.

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